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Skilled Therapy

All therapy is patient-focused and designed for the individual. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy are all typically covered by Medicare.

Therapy Services

Physical therapy includes:

  • Balance & gait training, strength training
  • Incontinence training, chronic pain management, osteoporosis program

Occupational therapy includes:

  • Home assessments/safety training, low vision therapy, range of motion, strengthening & coordination, ADL retraining

Speech therapy includes:

  • Evaluation and treatment of many conditions including strokes, Parkinson's, swallowing dysfunctions and other degenerative diseases.


Rehab Therapy

Therapy Services

Rehab therapy is available for all Skylines residents. Individual goals are developed by a licensed Physical Therapist and approved by a Physician. The Physical Rehab Program is staffed by certified Rehabilitation Aides.

  • Residents are assisted in maintaining and/or improving his or her physical capabilities, such as: walking, strength, balance, coordination and safety.
  • The therapy gym offers a variety of equipment: exercise equipment that has low impact to joints, resistance equipment to build strength, and balance equipment for maintaining stability.

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness is for residents with higher levels of function. A licensed Physical Therapist will offer guidance to develop a "plan of care" to meet the needs recommended by your physician.

  • Participants are able to utilize the equipment independently or Rehab Aides can provide minimal assistance.
  • Health & fitness goals are to maintain and/or improve overall physical capabilities.

“The transitions were challenging; however the staff have helped me tremendously. Nothing is too much to ask and it is always given with a pleasant and friendly attitude.”


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