Apostolic Christian Skylines

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The Spas At Skylines

Did you hear that residents at Skylines are not taking baths anymore?

What?!? Really?!? How can that be?

It’s true! They are now enjoying a Wonderful Spa Experience!

Relaxing! Invigorating! Sensational! Out-of-this World!

The hurried-up, generic bath-time has been replaced by a relaxing and rejuvenating Spa Experience. A spa attendant will give you choices of aromatherapy scents, soaps, crèmes, mood music, and fully assist and operate the Jacuzzi Spa. The Penner brand Jacuzzi is the very best with many features that make your experience more enjoyable.

The Spas At Skylines

Your personal attendant is fully trained to operate the transport chair and theJacuzzi Spa. The Spa is equipped with a reservoir that fills the tub in only 70 seconds, aiding in your comfort, and only fills when the water is at a safe and correct temperature. Your attendant will spend time with you doing nails, washing hair and other personal cares. When finished, you can schedule when you would like your next Spa Experience. We want the choices to be all yours!