Apostolic Christian Skylines

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Mealtime is an important part of everyone’s day. At Skylines, our professional staff takes great care preparing and serving tasty and nutritional meals three times a day, and every day of the year.

Resident Choice

Our residents chose their meal items at the table. We design our menus to be easy to read and simple to understand. And we don't confuse with too many items. Our menu choices are prepared by a Certified Dietician and meet all regulatory guidelines. The menu features a main entrée and an alternate entrée plus choices of vegetable sides and potato sides. Fruit is always available. In addition to our daily features, all residents can order “Always Available” items. Extra attention is given to residents with special diets, such as, diabetic or gluten-free, or who have additional nutritional concerns or needs. Resident's eating habits are closely monitored and individually discussed in each care plan meeting to see if adjustments need to be made.


Breakfast Menu

Weekly Lunch Menu

Weekly Dinner Menu


Dining Hours

Open Dining

Our Dining room hours have increased. It is open earlier and later. We encourage our residents to come and go as they please. If you like to sleep in and have breakfast a little later, fine. On early-riser? No problem. We are here to serve you!


The Skyline Bakers

An important part of the Apostolic Christian heritage is cooking and baking. A group of women from the Peoria and Princeville Apostolic Christian churches voluntarily come to Skylines each week to make desserts. Our residents truly enjoy these age-old recipes that are “made from scratch.” We are grateful to our Skyline Bakers for their willingness to share their time and talents. Very delicious!!

Join Us For a Meal

Family is encouraged to dine with their loved one (for a small fee). We especially invite families for special occasions such as a birthday. We cook a special meal on several main holidays and set extra settings for guests. Please notify our Dining room staff if you would like to join us for a meal. We are happy to serve you.

Resident Food Counsel

Once a month, a group of residents meet to discuss food quality. All residents are welcome to attend. Food likes, dislikes, and suggestions are discussed and recorded. This information goes to the Culinary Director and the Administrator to implement improvements.